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    HI Folks, I haven't been able to find anything about this topic by here goes:

    I have an original Cambridge DACmagic (not the 100 or the +). It lists in the tech specs that it is fixed to an input signal of 16 bits when coming through on USB. So theoretically it's still upsampling to 24 bits (it's fixed at this for all signals) but I'm getting the upsampled audio and not the actual 24 bit signal if I'm playing 24 bit audio. Am I correct here??

    So I've been reading about this limitation and people are saying I can use the "optical/digital" audio out on my macbook. DOes this mean the headphone jack? So I need to get a cable that goes from 3.5MM stereo mini to optical??


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    I wouldn't know the DACmagic from a hole in the ground so take this with a grain of salt, but YES if the people advising you are correct you simply need a 3.5mm optical to stereo. will have them at a good price.

    The headphone jack (check for your specific model to be sure) should "double" as an optical port.

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