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    iPod music through external speakers
    This may have been answered before but I can't find any posts in my search.

    I would like to play my music on my iPod Touch wirelessly through a pair of good external speakers (with no built-in wireless capability), controlling the music selection and volume from the iPod. How can this be done? What additional equipment do I need (Apple TV, Airport Express, others etc), and how would I connect them together? The objective is to come up to the 21st century!!! Thanks for your help.


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    I would look for an AVR with Airplay.( Pioneer has the most Apple friendly AVR's IMO)
    If you already have an AVR and it does not have Airplay then an ATV3 or Airport Express would be the next option using the optical out of either the ATV3 would require a Toslink cable to the AVR if it does not have HDMI and the AE would require Toslink to mini Toslink (3.5mm) both available at Monoprice very cheap.

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