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    Question Purchased iTUNES from PC to MAC
    Can someone please help!!!! I need to copy the purchased itunes list from my pc to my mac.... How can I do this? Thanks!

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    You can do this with a dvd or cd (if you don't have dvd burning capability or its a small amount of music) and then you can copy those files over the the mac by dragging the folder into itunes, it will import them into your new itunes library, and if you have itunes set up to orgainze your music in its folder it will copy the files into the music folder and that is all you will have to do, if you don't have it set up to copy the music into its folder then you will have to copy the files onto the hardrive before you put it into itunes.
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    I did it with a flash memory stick. Took a couple times but it was eaiser than a CD and I didn't have a blank DVD at the time.

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