Hello community,

Quick question.
I would like to add piano or/and drums to voice and guitar. How should I proceed?
Does Reaper offer piano and drums?
Should I use Garage Band instead?
What kind of keyboard I should get? Because I suppose that this will be easier?

I was looking at the M-Audio Axiom 49, there is a Pro version too... Any recommendations?

This is a midi keyboard, but I suppose that it can reproduce real piano/drums as good as if I had one physically?

My current setup is
- Interface: Scarlet Focusrite 2i2
- Condenser MIC: Audio Technica AT2020
- Headphones: ATM-M50
- Studio Monitors: M-Audio AV40
- Mics: 2 x GLS ES57 (same as Shure SM57)
- Usually use Reaper to record