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    Automatically split audio track at time intervals

    I am about to record heaps of cassette tapes (speech not music) onto my mac using an audio cable to microphone input. I currently have the free program Audacity which works well to record.

    However I want to automatically split the single recording into multiple tracks at set time intervals (e.g. 30 seconds or 1 minute). This allows for easy playback and re-playback when listening and taking notes. It seems Audacity does not have this feature and I would be required to manually split the tracks which would be tedious and take forever!

    Can anyone suggest a free program which will allow me to automatically split an audio recording at set time intervals?

    I also have access to a windows computer but would rather use the mac if possible.

    Many Thanks.

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    No free program I'm aware of does this. Amadeus Pro ($60, pricey but worth it) does what you're looking for. Sound Studio 4 ($30 from the Mac App Store) does it also (in a somewhat more awkward way). Fission from Rogue Amoeba ($32) has yet another way of accomplishing this: you have to do it manually once (say every 30 seconds), then save that "cue sheet" and apply it again to other recordings.

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