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    Macbook Pro - Not keeping CDs in drive?
    Hey everyone,

    I've been experiencing a weird problem with my MBP from time to time. The first time was when trying to play an audio CD on it, I would insert the CD but after a few seconds it would automatically pop out again with no message or anything like that. The CD had copy protection on it, so I chalked it up to that and moved on.

    However, tonight I was transferring CDs from another band into my iTunes library, and one of the CDs started doing the same thing (the 4th CD out of 5, the only one that had an issue). This CD had zero markings indicating any sort of copy protection at all, so I really don't know what the problem is. My PC handles the disk just fine and it was literally brand new out of the factory sealed package.

    Has anyone else ever had any problems like this or know why it only does it to certain CDs and not every CD?


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    I have had this happen in the past once I fixed it by lightly spraying compressed air in the slot the next time I fixed it with a lens cleaner (use at your on risk).
    You did not state year and model if you have Apple Care take it in if not and its out of warranty you can try what I did mine is 4 years old and currently still working.

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    Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately my MBP is pushing ~4-5 years old at this point so it is well past warrantee (I believe I got it at the end of 2009). I actually have some compressed air so I will give that a shot - did you actually insert the straw into the drive and blow directly in it, or just along the outside?

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    Blow inside it, but just a few short bursts -- don't go nuts.

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    While the machine is turned off - in 3-4 directions, just quick bursts - my '06 model Mac with slot loading drive dies about once a year - thus far this little trick has taken care of it.
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    Thanks for the tips guys, I tried the canned air method but still no luck. It's just very strange because as I said, I've tried close to ~30 CDs on my computer and the majority I could rip to my iTunes perfectly fine, but these two are the only two causing me issues.

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    Same brand of media the two dodgey CD's? If so just try another burn and see what happens.
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