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    How To Record A Skype Call
    Hey Everyone,

    I've been podcasting now for over 2 months. Our podcast is recorded by myself, and my two co-hosts recording separate audio tracks; which they then send to me and I sync up. Thus far it's been a pretty good solution, most listeners don't seem to notice that we are actually all a fair distance away skyping eachother.

    Problem is, we have a prospective interview and now I'm a bit worried. Our system of recording seperate tracks works because all of us have the equipment and software to do so. I don't want to impose on my interviewee to download everything and go through our process.

    I've heard that there's ways to record a Skype call. No doubt this would be far easier to do then simply having the guest record his own track and send it to me. Can anyone suggest the best way to do this? Also, if someone knows of an alternative that I haven't thought of, I'd appreciate any alternative suggestions.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Google to the rescue..... read about how to record Skype calls here.

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    The link chscag offers has a wealth of good programs for recording a Skype call (or other audio), but not a single one of them offers recording separate tracks for each member of a multi-party call (for later editing so you can avoid things like talking over each other).

    For that, there's really one cheap option that I know of: Ecamm's Call Recorder for Skype. It's $30.

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