Hey everyone,

I upgraded to Itunes 11 and I can't seem to get my albums to sort by descending order. What I mean by this is that in my library, my Artists are in alphabetical order, but each album by each artist I prefer to go from the latest down to the earliest.

For example, I like to be able to start at the first song of a band's latest album, then let Itunes play all the way to the last song of their earliest album.

However, all I can get is the opposite: Itunes lets me sort albums from Earliest > Latest, so I'd assume it'd let me sort from Latest>Earliest, but it just won't let me.

The closest I can get to this is when it flips my library alphabetically so Z is at the top, but that doesn't accomplish anything because it also flips the track order meaning that it still plays from earliest to latest despite looking different.

Is there any way to get Itunes to let me sort it the way I described?