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    How can i rip to my external iTunes library on windows and then access it on macbook?
    I basically want to use my PC to rip CDs onto an external hard drive then plug said hard drive into my macbook air and have the new files in my iTunes library there automatically. At the moment both computers have identical iTunes libraries when the HD is plugged in but if I add files on one then I have to do the same thing on the other. Is there a way to get one to mirror the other when the HD is attached?

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    Home Sharing (see the help file in iTunes if you're not up on what Home Sharing is).

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    Thanks for your response Chas

    I've had a little look and i'm not convinced Home Sharing has the functionality I'm looking for.
    The problem I've found is that I want to use my PC to rip CDs to external h/d, and then I want to be able to organise my libraries, playlists, and devices from my Macbook Air plugged into the same external without the need for my PC to be on at all times.

    Is this possible or there perhaps a better solution?

    I'd like to avoid the need for a SuperDrive as I figure by getting one I'm basically admitting that I should have bought a Pro. In all honesty I thought that I would be able to use Remote Disc to rip CDs over my network, but apparently this isn't possible.

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    To put it short and sweet - it is not possible to do what you want.

    You cannot add content to an iTunes library (whether in Windows or OS X) to a location the computer does not have access to.

    You want to add content to an iTunes library on your Mac that is kept on an external drive while that external drive is not connected to your Mac - not gonna happen. Any content you add to the library while the external is not connected, iTunes will automatically place that content on the internal drive as it has no access to the external.

    Want to do this:

    a) buy another external drive - have one that stays connected to each machine - turn on Home Sharing and you will also effectively have a backup of your iTunes media since it will be stored on 2 separate drives.

    b) keep the external you have attached to the Windows machine and leave it turned on - in essence becoming your media hub , turn on home sharing, set the location of your media folder on the Mac to the drive attached to the windows machine - this is what I do.
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