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    hi all, i have a drum kit setup next to my computer with a single microphone on the overhead of it all. i wish to record this mic as the sound for when i video myself on photobooth but photobooth wont do this. it will only record the webcams mic, or the internal mic on the mac. when i change the input on my settings to sound input to the soundcard, it will only record video no sound

    Ive tried quicktime, and that is newly installed but doesnt work i click 'make new video recording', and i get an error message and it closes. I have VLC, but its really longwinded to record, and I would just use logic pro to record then line up the video, again a bit more long winded. Is there anyway to do it in photobooth, or an alternative bit of software that will simply record video from my webcam and audio from my soundcard? It all works fine in skype, that is, the video from the webcam alongside the audio from my soundcard as the input. Any advice would be really appreciated, thanks


    tascam us1641 usb soundcard with a akg c1000 mic going into first channel (have tried other channels also) - inputs on computer set to soundcard input, level comes up on screen etc, output to soundcard

    imac osx 10.8.4, latest photobooth with i glasses software, all updated etc

    creative hd1080p webcam

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    Use Photobooth to record the video, and run something else (Garageband, Audio Hijack Pro, etc) to record the audio, then marry them back together in iMovie or whatever.

    If it all works in Skype, why not get Skype Call Recorder to capture that for you?

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