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    External Thunderbolt Enclosure
    Isn't it kind of ANNOYING that it's almost 2014 and we still don't have affordable external thunderbolt enclosures? Of course, Apple had to wait to add USB 3.0 and my 2011 iMac doesn't have it. I need 3 hard drives for music. One for the OS, one for sounds and samples, and one for projects. I'm selling my Mac Pro but now it seems like I need to spend thousands more to just be able to work like I used to.

    I don't need any HDD's I have about 10. Lacie Little Big Disk includes a HDD's in their 2 drive units. I wonder if I can swap the HD's out with my own? This is frustrating.

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    The closest I have seen to affordable are from Thunderbolt External Drive, Expansions, Interface Solutions & Cables from OWC. The Pegasus J4 and Mercury Elite Pro Dual are not exactly cheap but more affordable than many I've seen. Haven't looked much at Thunderbolt though since it doesn't work with my current gear.
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    Thanks, but like I said, no affordable solutions. Everything that's out there is priced ridiculously and includes the drives. An empty box shouldn't be more than $100.

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