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Thread: Itunes Cloud issues

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    Itunes Cloud issues

    I have an issue with my itunes purchases in the Cloud. If I download from my ipad or iphone it works perfectly. However, recently when I try to download something it downloads a different item. For example, a Kings of Leon song with the cloud symbol next to it downloaded as Radiohead which I have also in the Cloud. Now maybe Itunes is deciding some of my purchases are bad but this is really annoying. I recently moved my library back on to my macbook pro and most of my purchased items are not in my library. I have to delete them then download again. this was working perfectly until this weekend when this error starting happening. I have not signed up to itunes match. I havent rung Apple yet. Any thoughts gratefully received.

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    Sounds like you are having permissions issues. Try doing a maintenance run on your machine using OnyX or Maintenance and see if that helps.

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    Jul 28, 2013
    sorry for the delay in replying. Work has been a bit busy so have got back to my itunes issues. This (fingers crossed) seems to have done the trick. Thanks very much!!!!!

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