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Thread: Improving my sound on my Mac

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    Jan 13, 2012
    Improving my sound on my Mac
    Hello folks, first time posting here. I bought a mac two years ago and never going back to pc!!

    I need help with improving the sound of the audio. I was in the market for speakers for my computer, but a friend challenged me to look into getting a USB interface with studio grade monitors, like mackie's. This is very foreign to me,

    So my question is how does that work? I have been saving alot of my music using apple lossless and run it through my I-tunes, but I want to get better sound then what I get with these speaker systems.

    So if someone can break down the process of using a USB interface and then driving better speakers/monitors, please let me know.

    Searching for the sound!!

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    May 18, 2008
    I use Harmon Kardon Sound Sticks on MacBook for Live365 and music iTunes.Sounds good.

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    What is your budget?

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    Quote Originally Posted by osxx View Post
    What is your budget?

    I can push the envelope here a bit, work has been good and steady, I am OK with going to about $600 plus a little but I am willing to invest more, but what I want more is good quality sound not loud sound, I have some real good recordings in 24 bit, and I know all about the arguments for and against 24 bit, but I can hear the difference,

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