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Thread: Menubar Audio Monitor?

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    Menubar Audio Monitor?
    Hello all,

    This may be off topic for this forum, and if so I apologize. But with "Audio" in the title, I thought perhaps this was the place...

    Anyway, I just bought a new wireless headset from Logitech. Unfortunately, it has no visual indicator of when the microphone is muted. Since I make a lot of conference calls during which I multitask, knowing that I'm muted is key.

    I've taken to keeping the Audio preferences pane open so I can watch the indicator lights to see if the mic is picking up any sound, but that ends up taking a ton of screen space - which doesn't work for me.

    Do you guys have any ideas on how I could get that same kind of information in some less obtrusive way?



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    If you have a iPhone or iPad, get your self a Screen Sharing App ( I use Air Dispaly ) and put that Audio Preference Pane in the iPhone/iPad/Mini's screen. There is also SplashtopX Display, or iDisplay. . . . .
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