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    AirPlay Problem with Sony Airplay Speaker
    I just bought a Sony Airplay speaker. Setup was simple and straightforward, but I'm having major sound drop out issues from iOS devices, However, on the Macbook Pro and iMac, there appears to be no problem. All of the iOS devices are running the latest version of iOS (iPhone 4s, ipad 1 and ipad mini).

    I'd expect there to be the occasional dropouts given the nature of wireless, the way AirPlay works and the fact I live on a house with thick stone walls.

    I've tried this on both wireless base stations (I have a linksys downstairs and a net gear upstairs) and its the same with both which might suggest its not a base station problem (although I could just be unlucky :-(

    I should also add that I don't seem to have any issues with AirPlay to the Apple TV or streaming from a NAS drive.

    I contacted Sony Support and all they sent me was a link to the online help. I've tried some of the AirPlay fixes, ie make sure your microwave oven isn't causing the dropouts.

    So sadly if I can't fix the problem the speaker will have to go back, which is a shame as it was a bargain price (300 reduced to 100) and gives a great sound for casual listening.

    Any help or advice appreciated.

    Best regards


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    The iPad 1 can't possibly be running the "latest version of iOS" as it is incompatible. I think the last version of iOS for the original iPad was 5.1.1, but that shouldn't be causing the issue.

    Is your network set up as 802.11g, 802.11n (but g compatible), or purely 802.11n?

    Are any of the iOS devices noticeably better or worse than the other ones?

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