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    Queing and Playing Multiple Podcasts
    So I've become a bit of a podcast junkie over the last few years; and it's started to bleed into my gaming. I find I have a lot of fun turning the in-game audio to mute or very low. Problem is when a podcast ends, I then have to either minimalize the game (if it's not in fullscreen) or exit fullscreen. I do have the remote app on my iPhone, and that's a little better. I do however prefer the way I have my podcasts arranged in iTunes.

    So my question is pretty simple, using iTunes 11.0.3, how do you que up multiple podcasts? Is there any way for me to add a few podcasts to a que and have them basically lead into eachother rather then having me manually play the next one? I noticed with music now you can do this, but I'm not too sure if I can do this with podcasts. I have yet to discover it, if a method exists.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Create a smart playlist with all of your unplayed podcasts, turn off shuffle and play the playlist to get continuous podcasts..

    Look here: Use iTunes to Automatically Play All Unwatched Podcasts

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