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    Quickly add a number of mp3s to a playlist
    In Windows I could select a number of mp3s in explorer, right click and add to media player, and I'd have a playlist from those mp3s, how can I do the same with iTunes on Mac?

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    The closest way I can think of is to just open iTunes and create a new playlist, then drag the files on your computer into that playlist. It'll add them.

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    Apr 23, 2013
    Yeah I know about that, not quite so convenient as the Windows way. Also does iTunes make a copy of mp3s when you add them to a playlist? I added some mp3s from an external drive and they somehow got copied over to my Mac's internal drive.

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    To avoid iTunes making copies of files that are stored on external drives, go to Preferences and uncheck the option that deals with "Copying files" or something..can't remember the exact name, but it's in there. That way iTunes will add the file to the library but not make a local copy of it..

    As far as playlists, well iTunes does what iTunes does..

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