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    Airplay Outdoor Speakers?
    I've been Googling and searching forums with no luck --- I'm looking to see if anyone has started selling basic outdoor speakers (like those rectangular ones you mount under eaves on a porch, etc) that are Airplay enabled.

    I know I can use an Airport Express and some wiring to kind of get to the same result, but what I'd like is just some simple, relatively inexpensive, don't-have-to-be-audiophile quality speakers to mount outside on my porch that I can control with Airplay. Seems to be a ripe market, but haven't seen anything. Lots of choices for inside speakers, and a few that internally mount an Airport Express (that's seems somewhat ridiculous), but none that have built-in Airplay and are designed for outside use.

    Anyone seen anything like this?

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    HI - can't really help you w/ a specific 'Air Play' recommendation for outdoor speakers - of course, Bluetooth (BT) would be another option - have a powered BT soundbar for my HDTV, small BT travel speakers which I use w/ my iPod Touch, and also BT headphones for the iPod. SO, BT seems to be the technology w/ some options at the moment, but looking forward to comments from others concerning Air Play - good luck in your search.

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