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Thread: Sharing iTunes between multiple machines

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    Sharing iTunes between multiple machines

    Taken from another section, in hindsight i probably did not put it in the right place.

    The problem is that 4 of us all run separate iTunes libraries and then try and keep 1 master library.

    Will the below work?

    Mac mini running iTunes like normal, This would contain the current master library.

    Then share the mac mini library on the network. Simple folder share of Music.

    Mac Mini always on.

    Point the MBP's/MBA to that library and source.

    Sync iPhones/iPads to the libraries on the MBA/MBP's to update.

    Purchases on MBP/MBA will then be stored on the Mini correct?

    Hopefully this makes sense, will it work? In my head it will...


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    That sounds like it would be okay, but did you look at Home Sharing?

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