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    Software for audio journaling?
    I want to start an audio journal for my twin toddler boys. The idea is, since they can't write, they can each make their own audio recording at the end of the day to chronicle their strange toddler thoughts. My mom did something similar for me when I was a kid, but she wrote it on my behalf in an actual paper journal. I don't have time for that sort of thing!

    I would love a recommendation for, perhaps, an iphone app? My priority is ease of use. My second priority is that in the end, it's not dependent on the software that created it. I want these journal entries to "last" well into the future.

    I see that there are a lot of journaling apps out there - but they seem to be primarily aimed at folks who will be writing, not recording audio. And not knowing much about digital audio files, it is unclear to me which app will give me the most flexibility in the future for re-use, file conversions, etc.

    Any recommendations? Thanks!

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    my mum did the same as your mum did.. I think Evernote is a nice app but it requires subscription.. as I understand from you, iPhones stock voice recording app is great so far for your need.

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    I second that. Give that app a try. The files move into iTunes easily and could be moved to other software later as needed.

    t's a simple program to use. Initially your little ones may need minimal supervision. If so, it won't be long before they can work on their own.

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    The Voice Memo app on the iPhone stores its file in standard audio formats, so presuming you back them up you're good to go into the future.

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