I have been running logic 8 with the Native instruments Komplete 7 pack from an external hard drive (on a 2010 15inch macbook pro) for a while now but its crashing a lot.
I'm pretty sure the computer would handle using the N.I bundle a lot better if I moved the N.I bundle from the external hard drive to the computer.
My questions are:
1) If I wanted to move the N.I bundle onto the computer could I just drag the N.I files off the hard drive on to the computer? Or, would I have to re-instal the N.I bundle on to the computer (no longer have the disks!).
2) If I can just drag across the appropriate files, how would I make logic recognise that the N.I bundle is in a different place and thus be able to trigger the midi tracks already recorded using the Komplete 7 instruments?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,