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    true 5.1
    Hey guys, just got my brand new iMac. I have 5.1 Logitech with the 3 optical cables. Black,green,orange. But iMac has only one port. I cane across this:

    Will this work for me in combination with the miniplug to toslink for true surround sound from my 5.1 speakers?

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    Yes that should do the trick.

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    Looks like it will output 5 channels of sound - whether those channels are correctly decoded and output to the correct channel or not...

    Check the reviews for it at Amazon - particularly Monica's and the comments - link - but I'd read all/most of them so you know what you're getting up front.
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    Thanks for that link. Probably saved me a few bucks. I have been thinking about what needs to be updated/upgraded in my media setup to shift away from DVD to stored files.
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    thanks for the link bobtomay, seems to be a hit or miss type of thing.

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