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    Mar 11, 2013
    NI Massive features
    So, I have recently started using NI's massive, and I'm having some issues with certain features which I can't get to work:

    1. Glide: I can't seem to work out how to make notes bend into each other - I turned the glide time up (in OSC section) and set it to have only one voice (top left). I'd like to have a noise which, when the next note is struck, slides up/down to it, without another attack.

    2. Sidechain modulation: So I've been trying to make a synth sound in which, for long notes, the filter cutoff gradually moves further up and down as the note progresses, and thought the best way to achieve this is a sine-wave LFO, sidechained with a sawtooth LFO set to roughly the length of the note, both LFOs on retrigger. However, having turned the sidechain on, the sawtooth seems to have no effect on the sine wave amplitude. I then tried (seemed sensible) controlling the sine wave AMP with the sawtooth, again to no effect.

    I think I've followed the manual to the letter - but I feel like I must be doing something really stupid, like a couple of on/off parameters I've forgotten, but I've checked it a good few times and can't understand what I'm missing.

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    Mar 11, 2013
    And, I worked the sidechain thing out - forgot to turn the dash under the modulation box for cutoff by sine wave into an arrow. oops. Still, help with glide would be great.

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