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    Build a new library just of MP3 files in iTunes
    Most of my iTunes collection is a lossless rip of my Audio CD collection and also purchased music from the iTunes store.

    I'm looking to convert all of that to MP3 so that I can play it in my car via a large-capacity USB stick or similar.

    Is there a way that I can search for non-MP3 files and get iTunes to make MP3 version of them into a separate library? The last bit of that is important! I effectively want iTunes to store the resulting MP3 files in another directory, separate from my main iTunes library.

    The reason for this is that I don't want the MP3 files synched to my iPod Classic (as I already have the lossless versions synched to that).

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    No, but avoiding syncing any MP3s to your iPod Classic is very easy. Make two smart playlists: all MP3 versions for the first, and "any type other than MP3" for the second (or however you want to do it). Synch your iPod Classic to the second playlist.

    Once you've made MP3 versions of everything, you could use the MP3 smart playlist to export those songs to a folder, and use that to create a new iTunes library if you still wanted.

    Be aware that USB thumb drives used in car stereos may not understand "full" file names and MIGHT require you to rename the filename of all tracks to eight letters plus extension (ie DOS naming).

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    Okay, I have a smart playlist for MP3 songs. However, I cannot find the option to convert a purchased song to MP3. This is in the Mac version of iTunes. I am sure that the option existed in the Windows version of iTunes when I was using a PC.

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    Well, I'm in Windows right now, but the setting on a Mac is the same.

    Open up iTunes Preferences - change the Import CD to mp3.
    Whatever you have set for importing CDs is the format you'll have the option to "Convert to" in the right click menu on a song.

    Aside from the 2 playlists, you could also set up 2 iTunes library so as not to have duplicates of everything in your main library. When you convert I think it auto saves them into your main library with no option - after conversion delete them from iTunes and move them into a separate folder.

    When you open iTunes - hold down the option key. This gives you the ability of selecting which iTunes library you want to open. Create a new one here and import all your mp3s into it. More work - but eliminates the dups in your main library.
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    ^ Many thanks for that advice. Will give it a go.

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