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    Lost itunes playlists
    Hi there,

    I had a load of problems with my itunes duplicating and becoming completely clogged up and unbelievably slow to the point where the circle of death would come on before you had a chance to write the second letter of a word in search bar. I came to the conclusion that I had to delete everything and start again from scratch, Having now done this, I've lost my playlists...

    Stupidly I thought they were backed up but it turns out they aren't. I dont have time machine and I've got an Ipod classic that has them all on, I dont want to connect it though and have it sync and automatically delete them from it as well! Which I presume it will do... Does anyone know anyway around this predicament?

    Many thanks,


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    You can connect your iPod, and just cancel the sync (then stop it syncing sutomatically from the summary page) or just quit iTunes.

    But you'll need an app like Senuti to recover the playlists from your iPod.

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    Another (and in my opinion better) option: Phone to Mac - Formerly Pod to Mac, iPod, iPad, iPhone Music Transfer Software -- it brings EVERYTHING over from an iDevice back to your Mac (or PC), including photos, star ratings, playlists, even SMS texts etc.

    Senuti is a bit cheaper and is perfectly fine if all you want is the music and playlists back, however. No since overpaying for more than you need.

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