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    A/V Receiver
    Hi Guys,

    Am new to the forum and was hoping I could get some help on an issue I'm facing.

    I have a late 2011 Macbook Pro I wanted to connect it to a Denon 1713 Receiver that I have so I can listen to my music through my new speakers etc.

    So I set up the speakers and the receiver, connect the Macbook Pro through the Thunderbolt using a Mosh Thunderbolt to HDMI connector with sound support.

    I go to preferences select HDMI Denon AV Receiver as the output source. Since my receiver is also using my computer monitor for video output I can verify that it's working because It's extending my desktop on the monitor via the HDMI Input from the Macbook Pro.

    Additionally when I connect my iPhone via USB the receiver plays the music just fine - so nothings broken and the speakers work.

    I checked on the Moshi website the mbp i'm using should transmit both audio and video through the thunderbolt. I've selected the HDMI as audio output yet I can't seem to hear anything when I play music on iTunes even after turning the volume up all the way on the receiver.

    If anyone has any experience with this please do let me know I could really use the help


    - K

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    Don't have a Denon, but if it is similar to others that I'm familiar with, you need to head into the Denon Audio settings and make sure the HDMI port is not assigned to something else for the audio.

    I know, it sounds redundant.

    But, you can assign each HDMI in port to a different audio in port.

    For example if you're using HDMI input # 1 on the Denon for your Mac, in the Audio settings, make sure HDMI # 1 is selected.
    Just thinking off the top of my head, I am guessing what you're looking for is to leave it blank - but run through the options and make sure it is not assigned to Optical # 1, RCA # 1, etc.

    And don't leave the volume turned up to max, lower it down to around -15 or -20 while you go about experimenting.
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    Also, check to see if that receiver is AirPlay compatible. If it is, throw away the wires and enjoy the music wirelessly. Most new receivers are AirPlay compatible.

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    The Denon AVR1713 is indeed Airplay enabled , and as another option it also has an assignable digital audio input which will take a mini-toslink to standard toslink cable from the MBP's combined headphone/line in port which supports digital output.

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    Try getting Airplay to work. It's soooo worth it to ditch the wires.

    Make sure that the receiver is connected to your wifi router either through the wifi itself (if the receiver is wifi enabled) or through an ethernet cable. After that, Airplay is a snap.

    Just look for the little airplay icon to the right of the volume slider in iTunes and select the receiver for playback.

    Make sure Airplay is selected on the receiver too, though a lot of receivers do this automatically. My Harman/Kardon receiver automatically switches over to Airplay when I start playing something.

    Airplay works on iTunes and if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, it will work on those as well!

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