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    iTunes Sync to iPad
    Sorry dont know if this belongs here or in the iPad section. I tried to sync my iPad 4 to my MBP for the first time ever today and think i made a mess out of it. I connected the usb and didn't read thru all the tabs, just stopped on then summary page. Did not check/request a backup or restore, just went to the bottom of that screen and checked sync with iPad and then hit the sync button. I just wanted to get my (first and only ) 2 songs that I had ordered on my iPad synced to my MBP. Anyway, thought this would be a real quick deal.

    Four hours later, I decided it was stuck in the "waiting on copying items" and Quit out of iTunes. I think that must have been the wrong way to quit because when I try to connect the usb again, an iPhotos window came up, didn't need that so hit the red circle to get out and then nothing else comes up, it just my MBP just sits there with the desktop pic showing and nothing happening. What do I need to do?

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    iPhtoto would/could of opened because in the iPhoto Preferences it is set to Open iPhoto when a camera is connected. In this instant, your iPad is a camera. Or in the Preferences>Photo Stream, you have checked the Automatcilly import photos.
    Because you quit out of iTunes, having your iPad connected to the Mac via USB isnt automatically going to open iTunes. You will have to do this yourself by clicking on the iTunes icon in the Dock, waiting for the iPad to show in iTunes and then proceed to do your sync again.
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    IPad 4 16 GB IOS 6.1.3, Macbook Pro 4GB 500 Hd ML 10.8.3
    Thank you.

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