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    storing itunes library on external drive
    Hopefully I'm posting this on the right thread. I exported my iTunes library to my external drive but how do I know if I can delete from my hard drive and how do I do it safely? Help please!

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    Rename the itunes library folder on your internal hard drive. Then fire up iTunes. If you've relocated the library correctly to the external iTunes should just start and give you full access to your library without any issues.

    You can try playing a few things, maybe adding something to the library and right-clicking and choosing show in finder to confirm the actual file location

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    You can also do a Get Info on items in your library to see the directory where the selection is stored - bottom of the Summary tab.
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    The correct way:

    1. COPY (not MOVE) the library to the external drive.
    2. Open iTunes holding down the OPTION key. It will stop and ask if you want to create or locate an iTunes library. Navigate to the external drive's iTunes library and choose that.
    3. Quit iTunes.
    4. Move the "old" iTunes library to the trash. DO NOT EMPTY THE TRASH YET.
    5. Open up iTunes again just as you would normally.
    6. If the library came up with no warning dialogs, you can now empty the trash.

    Be aware that if you ever fire up iTunes with the external disk NOT mounted, iTunes will tell you it can't find a library and offer to create a new (empty) one for you.

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