Dear forum members,

I am new to Mac (e.g less than 6 months), but I have been a musician for over 25 years now. I play the piano, guitar (electric/accoustic) and I play by heart only as since the age of 13.

I am in no way a professional (not from a musical point of view nor am I a sound engineer) but I used to record my own little compositions on my Windows PC using Cubase but I experienced more than often latency problems. With my new Macbook Pro everything works perfectly and I finally decided again to record some musical ideas.

The reason of my post? As I assume there must be more musicians who are using LogicPro/GarageBand, I was wondering if we could start some sort of online musical collaboration.

For instance I recorded this instrumental song (simple melody), but I do not have the voice (nor lyrics) to make it into a real song. As my recordings are pretty basic, a lot more could be added to the main track.

Below a link to an instrumental song I made (all 1-take tracks, so you will hear a view mistakes)

My New Song - YouTube

I would be pleased if we have some active music-forum members who could rip the song to MP3 and add their own instruments to it (guitar, vocals) and then to repost it to Youtube.

PS: Of course for more professional use I could source a lossless file, or even to include the actual LogicPro tracks, but my intention is to see if based on my track someone can come up with some additions in order to not overcomplicate the process