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    Hello good people...

    I am trying to find advice on listening to Spotify (ad-free) on my MacBook Pro. On my Acer Laptop I can listen to Spotify and Blockify works a dream, it mutes the adverts then resumes with the music. But, on aforementioned MacBook I cannot get Smutefy to work properly. I have followed guidance found on the web, i.e. installing Growl, then Sound Flower, then Spotify, then Smutefy.

    The problems I am experiencing are, Smutefy doesn't recognise adds automatically, then when I manually mute the ad and (ahem) add it to the blacklist Spotify is completely muted until I restart it.

    I have tried running Spotify through Wine, which works a treat, BUT, I can't get Blockify to work via the same method, although it is just a small PC based application. Hence, running Spotify through Wine is not an option for me.

    Any advice/experience greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards...

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    Try paying for Spotify premium.

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    Quote Originally Posted by docx View Post
    Try paying for Spotify premium.
    Beat me to it.

    Well worth the subscription.

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    I'm sorry, where in Spotify's terms of service (which you agreed to) is the part where it says you can steal from them?

    If you don't like the ads, pay up or go f-- er, FIND an alternative music service. I like iTunes Radio, myself.

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