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    Will someone please teach me tagging in iTunes?
    It's been standards since 1996, and tagging process never changed? I still up to this very day find tagging the very difficult thing I ever did. All of my thread I asked questions are in regards to tagging, and pages goes on and on and I never learn. Let's take this in steps, and will someone please confirm if I am doing this right?

    I have the iPod Classic 160GB that we are working with.

    I have an Windows 7 32-bit desktop PC I am using for this.

    I have iTunes 11 the latest.

    Click the + sign to create a playlist to get it a name of the same album of the album we are working with to make it easier.

    We are working with multi CDs such as CD 2, CD 3, and etc.

    Right now I have a CD 2 album, and I do have box sets that are larger.

    So, I have 14 tracks of 2 CDs. 1-6 on CD 1, and 7-14 on CD 2.

    Highlight 1-6 in iTunes, right click get info, so this is CD 1 I am highlighting. 1 of 6 for track number and disc 1 of 1 for disc number until you get to 6 of 6. Once done, highlight 7-14, and track number 7 of 14 through 14 of 14 and disc number 2 of 2.

    I checked my iPod under that album, and I don't see anything where it says Disc 1 and 2 meaning CD 1 and 2.

    Am I doing this right?

    Thank you,

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    I'm sorry for asking for a response. Could someone please try to help me? Or where could I go for the help I'm asking?

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    First of all, let's get this to the right forum - because what you're asking is decidedly "on topic" for our Music/Audio and Podcasting forum.

    Secondly, manually tagging music is an exercise in frustration. You're much better off using a third-party tool like TuneUp to do this for you, automatically. The Windows version is available here:

    TuneUp - Select the version for your operating system | Fix Mislabeled Song Info, Add Album Art & More

    There is a light version that will do only a limited number of tracks - if you find that you like it, you can always upgrade to the full version. Hope that helps make things more clear for you.
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    Thank you! I'll give it a try.

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