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    Analog audio in
    Hi all. I'm new to forums but not to product.
    Been using macbook for the past couple of years to record music and I've just upgraded to the quad core mini. Nice machine but, I now get crackles and pops from my roland v-drums which I run thru the audio-in plug.
    I never had this problem with my macbook.
    I have read that an analog to digital pre-amp might solve this. Can anyone confirm this or suggest an alternative?

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    Hi, welcome to the forums and happy new year!

    You should not be getting crackles and pops on your mini - how are you recording? Are you using a mic or just a regular line-in? You might want to lower the gain slightly in the audio settings to remove this.

    In terms of an alternative audio in DAC, one of the nicest for the Mac is the Apogee Duet

    It's Mac only, a little pricey, but pretty much sworn by. I have an Alesis 6 channel USB mixer, which is pretty good too.
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    I also have roland V-drums, which brain are you using?

    You shouldn't get cracks and pops, perhaps try another cable, sometimes the mini end doesn't quite like the newer mbp in, or play with the gain as suggested.

    I have the fast track ultra, which gives me 4 ins which is cool so I can have some separation.

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