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    Hi guys,

    I just got a new Windows Phone WP7 Lumia 800 but I run on Mac so I downloaded the appropriate WP7 Connector for Mac.
    I am trying to put music from my iTunes to my phone via this desktop app and it seems to work on the screen (says it had synced and displays a piece of memory with 'music' written on it). But when I disconnect the device (having waited for the full sync to finish) I can't find the music on my phone anywhere. I know that the whole Zune operating system doesn't run on Mac but I don't know where to look for the music. I then plug the phone back into the computer and the piece of memory with the music displayed on the screen has gone (which would mean it is no longer in the phone memory.

    Thank you if someone knows the answer to this!


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    I don't know anything at all about a Windows phone but maybe this will help:

    We buy many various MP3 players and put our own recordings on them and give them as gifts. What we do is mount the MP3 players and then drag and drop recordings from iTunes directly to the devices. The key here is to copy the recordings to the correct place in the players so they will show up and play on demand.

    You can probably use the same method with the Windows phone. Just make sure you copy the music to the correct place on the phone. First try mounting the phone just like any other USB device and look for wherever music is stored on the phone. When you find the correct place (folder) try dragging and dropping to it. You probably have no need for special software to do this. It depends on how the Windows phone is designed so I don't know for sure if it will work.

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    I may have a clue what the problem might be.

    Once inside the app, in the menu bar under "File", go to "Allow Access to Folder". Your media files in iTunes won't sync unless you grant access within the Windows Phone Connector app. It's completely silly why the application just doesn't do this automatically since the user doesn't really know that they need to do this in the first place.

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    Thank you very much. I have to admit it is quite a silly principle but I'm just relieved it works now. I would have never guessed!

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