I'm using garageband with a number of string instruments (violin, viola & cello) plus midi keyboard, IO dock and Beringer USB mic.

I want to input some music and use this as a "practice track" so I can practice the violin whilst the cello isn't there. I've worked out how to input the music onto the score and can play it via a software instrument or via midi but I cannot work out how to add slurred sections or ties. I've created ties by accident and deleted them to recreate them as untied but I still cannot work out how to actually do it on purpose. I am using GB to change the key that the music was created in too and it does pretty much everything I need without resorting to Sibileous or Logic Pro so sorting this final thing will be a great help......

Oh and one other little thing.... In order to create a place to stick my notes I have to create a blank "loop". I cannot work out how to do this so end up having to hit record then press a couple of notes to create a loop then delete the notes. How do I just create a loop that is blank?