Hi There,

Been having a bit of trouble with my Itunes 10.6.3 running on ibook G4 14".

I have moved my shared music folder which includes my itunes music folder to a networkable hard drive ( WD MBL 1TB) to free up workspace for recording.

In itunes prefrences I dircted the media folder location to the new position on the network hard drive.

This seemed to work in respect that itunes saved new imports to the network drive and not the old folder on my internal drive (still present). Itunes would also allow me to playback files from this network drive by selecting the drive under shared on the left of itunes. Although i would have to redirect itunes to network drive every time i opened itunes as it would always default back to the music folder on the internal hard drive.

Since deleting my music folder on the internal hard drive (as now all my music was on the Network drive) itunes does not see any music in anything down the left hand side of itunes

eg. Library- music, tv shows, books, radio
Shared - (where the network drive used to appear)
Playlists - Recently added, most played etc,

Basically i now have no libaray and even though i am pointing itunes media folder location to the file on my network drive which contains all my itunes media.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you for your time.