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    Commercial CDs wont read in my g5 iMac
    Lately, I've noticed that a lot of new CDs will not be read by my iMac g5. Very frequently other Macs will not read the same cds. I am wondering if there is some software or pluggin that will allow my computer to register these commercial music cds.

    Some of the CDs that my computer wont read are:
    Phish- MSG new years eve 1995
    Hot Hot Heat-Elevator
    Trey Anastasio- Shine

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    Look very closely at the CD cases and documentation. You will likely find something there about them being "protected" CDs. It's a form of DRM that will supposedly keep you from burning then to MP3s or, heaven forbid, uploading them to a P2P site. In other words, the Music Company/Artist and the RIAA have all come together to tell you that they don't trust you with the music you have just purchased with your hard earned cash, so therefore you can not play it on your computer.

    There are ways around it, but we can't discuss that here.

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    thats unfortunate. mabye someone could send me a PM or an email with instructions of how to rip this mother, because i paid hard cash for it, and I want that SOB on my iPod. Please?

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