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    Airplay & Music Match
    So...bought a new Sony Home Theater in the box...hooked it up and it sounds great. Had difficulty getting it logged into my wifi network, so it took me a couple of days to get back to the mean time, I used the iPhone dock and enjoyed some music...I say some and mean it...seams that I can't access my Music Match library through the Sony interface...thoughts? let's say that all I can access this way is what's on the iPhone, ok, so I plugged my iPhone into my Mac this afternoon and using iTunes, thought I'd hard load some tunes on the iPhone for access through the Sony. I travel a lot and I burned up a lot of data in May using Music Match over 3G to the extent that AT&T sent me the warning text about throttling...another topic for another day and, I have Music Match limited to using wifi and thus, having more music resident on the phone will be good. So I push a playlist or two to the iPhone in iTunes...only to have iTunes tell me "some" of my music wasn't transferred because I have Music Match enabled on the phone...yea, so?...and I look inside the two playlists I've pushed to the phone and see that the playlist title exists, but there is no content...can anyone explain this to me?

    Now to Airplay...what a fab concept...but I'm having continued issues...I have two brand new Airport Expresses (nice new case they're in!) and I'm having cut out issues...I've changed the frequency on my main router to each of the 3 available freq's...cut out continues, though somewhat more stable. I'd LOVE some help with that!

    And lastly, the Sony I bought (BDV-N790W) was touted by the sales person to be capable of Airplay...can't find that word in the manual. I can find a reference to DLNA-certified components...did the Salesman lie? Or is there a way to wirelessly play music on this Sony from my Mac, iPhone, or iPad?

    BTW, I also have an Apple TV in the mix, though I'm not having issues with it! But I use it solely for Video playback....mistake?

    Thanks to any of you guru's that choose to comment on any or all of these issues...there are days, this is one of them, that I feel like a moron when it comes to this kind of stuff!



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    Hmmm, did I pose a question that is too complex or too silly? Rare that I toss a question into this genius crowd and get nothing after 400 some odd views!

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    I'm wondering if iTunes "cloud" feature hasn't recently changed, and this might be adding to your problem above.

    I've lost the 'match' option (update).

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    First - Salesmen always lie.
    Second - Make sure all of your DNLA devices have a static IP rather than using DHCP.
    Third - The cloud is not your friend.

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