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    Logic Express 7 Problems
    I have a Yamaha P80 outputted through a M-Audio Midisport UNO MIDI/USB Interface. I just got Logic Express 7 and I can't get the keyboard to play sounds in Logic. I'm new so I don't really know how to use it so I'm just working as if it were like Garageband. Where you pick the track and just play on the keyboard but this isn't working. Any help? Thanks.

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    Try These
    First of all are you sure your Uno midi drivers are updated ? If not go to

    Then Download and install updated drivers.

    Secondly, In the arrange window in Logic, to the far left there is a section called audio object,in that area there is a line that reads "Device" followed by little arrows.Click the little arrors. If your Uno is not selected there then select it. If it does not show up there at all, then Logic is not finding the Uno drivers, that's why I suggested updating the drivers first.
    If it is showing up or if you are getting signal through the channel and no sound, then check the output area of that same tab and make sure the proper output is selected.

    Lastly, Open the Loop browser under the Audio Tab at the top of Logic and see if you can play and hear the loops, this step is just to make sure your audio is working properly. If you can't hear anything then the problem is with your audio set up not just with the midi.
    Good luck.

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