Hi There,

As I had said in another part of this site I am moving form pc after over 14 years and as a result have a huge stinking music collection that needs bringing with me. I am in the process of looking for a decent external drive for my Mac mini but what is more of a concern is....

I have over 125 albums ripped using the WMA lossless format as I thought it would be the best way of archiving all my cd's. Now obviously the good people at Apple dont like the WMA format and thats fine enough but is there another way to get these to work with Itunes other than the AAC conversion.

I say this as I dont want to loose any quality of my recordings. Is there a way to convert form WMA lossless to Apple Lossless and if so are they comparable format?

I am a bit lost here with little knowledge where my Apple is concerned!

Cheers Matt