Hello All,

Newb here... I have a late 09 IMac 27" that I'd like to stream Pandora simltaneously to multiple zones wirelessly. Preferable with song and volume control via iPhone. I just purchased Audioengine:

D1 wired DAC connected to new A5+'s and an S8 sub(bedroom).
D2 connected to Yamaha receiver (7 year old model)' Klipsch Synergy floor standing home theater system with powered 12 sub.

I have Bose 151 outdoors connected(hard wired) to the Yamaha receiver. I'm looking at replacing these with Boston Acoustics Voyager 70 outdoor speakers.

Hot tub with powered transducers adhered to shell.(has 3.5mm) headphone adapter for audion in.

I'd like to add a second set of outdoor BA's ne'er the tub and some Bose outdoor 360's out near the back of the yard.

I would like to be able adjust zone mixing and volume from iPhone.

Pipe dream?