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    alert sounds/menu sound
    Hey, i'm pretty new to the whole Mac thing, so a lot of you can ignore this if you want... but for those with patients, i was just lookign around the system preferences or whatever, and i was just wondering, if there's any way to like change sounds in OS X. I dont have the latest one, panther or whatever, but the second last one. Anyways, i found out that 'alert sounds' thing, but i was wondering if you could make it play a sound, like when the dock slides, up, it'd go 'woosh' or something, you know make it have a bit more depth. Anyways, that's about it, so yeah any comments would be appreciated.

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    I wonder if this will do what you are after. You probably have Jaguar 10.2.8. It has way less features than Panther or Tiger but even Tiger does not do exactly what you want. This seems to say it will. Check it out.

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