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    iTunes 6.01 freezes video playback
    I have my iTunes files stored on a network drive. I added my video files to the library with the release of iTunes 6. The problem is that when i play them in iTunes, they freeze around the 6 second mark for almost 30 seconds.

    I thought that may be because they are on a network drive, so I opened one of the same videos in quicktime (upgraded) and it worked just fine. Is there a process that iTunes is performing when launching the video that causes this freeze? It occurs on both my G4 powerbook AND my PC version of iTunes.

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    Have you tried playing the video on your computer in iTunes instead of off the network drive? On my iBook 800Mhz with 640MB RAM, will always choke on video in iTunes, even if I do play them off my computer;however, in Quicktime they will play just fine. But I'm sure iTunes just needs time to pull more off the network, before it can play the rest of the video. I think iTunes is just sluggish, when it comes to some computers.

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