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    iTunes won't burn CD
    I recently updated to iTunes 5.0.1 and after I did this, I wasn't able to burn CD's to my external CD burner. With the previous iTunes 4.0, I was burning CD's using Toast Lite 6.0.7. I'm using a MAC PowerBook G3 with System 10.3.9.

    The message I get in iTunes is: (name of song).m4p was not added because it is not authorized to play on this computer. I've reauthorized several times, and I'm able to play the music. My external burner is a LaCie newer model. Any suggestions on how I can burn a CD, or will I have to wait until I purchase a new computer with an internal burner? Thanks.

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    i dont have no mac's
    can you burn anything at all???
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    i dont remember

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    iTunes won't burn CD
    Quote Originally Posted by coach_z
    can you burn anything at all???
    Yes, I can burn music that I've put onto my computer, not purchased thru iTunes; however, I do keep the music in an iTunes playlist. I can record from this playlist.

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