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    setting up a powermac blue and white for pro tools free..
    hello, I'm a PC user and I recentley purchased an older powermac (blue and white G3 400MHZ) and I want to use it for some recording and sequencing on my Roland MC-303 and my Peavey DPM 3se+. I'm planning on using the older free version of pro tools (pro tools free) I have a Yamaha USB MIDI interface,
    anyone have any setup or upgrade suggesions for me? here's the requirements for PRO TOOLS FREE:

    System Software: Mac OS v8.6 & v9.x
    Pro Tools FREE will not work with Mac OS X
    Classic Mode under OS X is also not supported. If you have a dual-boot system with both Mac OS 9 and OS X, you must choose Mac OS 9 as your startup system either in your Startup Disk Control Panel or by holding down the Option key during startup to use Pro Tools FREE. Systems that can only boot in OS X cannot be used.
    Total System RAM: 128 MB minimum, 192 MB recommended (Additional RAM required for simultaneous use with MIDI sequencers. Virtual memory is not supported)
    CD-ROM drive for software install (not necessary for web installer)
    Monitor or Laptop, color required, minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 (note: early iBook models have a maximum screen resolution of 800 x 600, see also Mbox iBook)
    Opcode OMS v2.3.8 or higher (supplied on Pro Tools FREE CD-ROM or download here)
    Apple QuickTime v4.0 or higher (supplied on Pro Tools FREE CD-ROM or download here)
    Storage: A large, fast, hard drive for audio.
    For maximum performance, a dedicated ATA/IDE or SCSI disk drive(s), such as those qualified with Pro Tools LE, should be used.

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    Well, to run that, all you need to do is install OS 9 on it and it will work.

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    If you don't have SCSI, get it. Max RAM on the blue & white is 1 GB. Get that if you can find it. If you can find an older digidesign audio interface of some kind, it'd also be nice (I don't know enough about your Yamaha unit to say whether or not I'd recommend it), but I don't imagine they're easy to come by. Overall, this sounds like a really cool idea. It was very cool that you thought of it; one thing to keep in mind though since you're normally a Windows user, Mac OS 9 might seem a bit primitive to you. I personally despised OS 8.6 (my mother does video production and she has an old 9600 tower). OS X is really the only "modern-style" OS, at least interface-wise. The good news, however, is that with all that RAM, and still using OS 9, the system should run like butter.
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    I got my mac in this weekend and played with it a bit. It has OSX and OS9 on it, I haven't tried to reboot it with 9 yet. I should have my 1GB ram in today and I'm thinking about a CPU upgrade as well. I'm suprised how well OSX runs, I figured the computer would be a bit slower. I got a book about pro tools 5 from ebay for like 5 bucks and I'm looking foward to diving in with this older system..

    what kind of older digidesign interface?

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