Hey Guys,

So I've run into a new issue with my iTunes library... After I decided to leave the darkside and start paying for my music/movies/tvshows (the later two primarily), my iTunes library has ballooned to over 500GB so I'm trying to figure out how to handle it.

I have currently have two laptops, one Macbook (black) 500GB and a Lenovo x201 500GB... As you can see, neither laptop can hold my entire library so I'm faced with a dilemma. I've been giving it some thought for the last couple days and here is what I'm thinking.

My iPhone and iPad are both synced to my W7 Lenovo x201 laptop and I want to keep that. The Macbook is my older laptop and I only use it when I don't feel like digging out my x201 from my car or something. I need to format it and reinstall everything as it runs painfully slow, but that is a whole other topic - anywhere here is my plan.

I just purchased a portable Seagate 1.5TB drive that does NOT require an AC Adapter. I'm going to hold 'SHIFT' on my W7 x201 when I open iTunes and 'Create a New Library'. Then I will create an iTunes folder on the 1.5TB USB drive and make that the location for my new library. Then I will drag my whole library from my other iTunes folder into the iTunes window and it will all import and transfer over... ~~Should I just change the folder location in my current library to my external drive and click consolidate??~~

After creating my new library stored entirely on my external drive, I will remove most of the TV Shows and SD versions of my movies from my laptops internal harddrive's library... but I will still have all the movies and tv shows in my external library.

I will then use the 'Open Existing Library' option on my Mac and point it towards the external drive library that I created earlier. This way I have access to my full library on both machines at anytime.

Will this work?

I essentially want to create a 'master library' stored on my external harddrive and then have two smaller 'mini libraries' on each of my laptops. I may purchase a Mac Mini in the future and use it as a computer through my TV and also as my main iTunes Library and home sharing device... but again that is for a later date...

I just want to work out any kinks ahead of time and make sure I have the general idea right, could anyone please add their input?