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    Cool Question regarding Imac and Parallels Desktop 6
    Hello to all!
    I am a Brand New User (Imac) and Loving it. Using the Imac for Music (Garageband and Logic Pro) I had my midi controller keyboard (Yamaha KX8) working properly using a USB - Midi Cable for inputing vst instruments. I really am used to Cakewalk 9 (PC based) so I loaded Parallels Desktop which works great. While on the Virtual PC (Parallels) I plugged in my usb-midi cable into the Imac and it gave me a choice of Which Computer (the Imac or the Virtual PC would the USB be connected to. My dilemma is, that after I closed The Virtual PC Software, the USB no longer works with Mac Based software (nothing even indicates its plugged in). Is there some way to reset it, so that when the USB-Midi cable is plugged in that I get the Choice of Which OS I use it on or even better....Both?

    Thanks Alot for your time

    Imac 2.93Ghz 27" 8GB RAM 2010 Model
    Virtual PC (Windows XP) Parallels 6


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    try restarting the computer. and unplugging the USB cable.
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