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    best mouse for ProTools???
    Hey guys,
    I've been working with protools for a while and just put it on my macbook professional. I love everything about the trackpad features but it really starts to cramp up my hand after an hour or so.
    Can anyone recommend a nice mouse to get? Im looking to spend a decent amount of money so don't hold back! I was considering maybe even a gaming mouse, Im the type of person that gets the toys with all the bells and whistles
    Also is it possible to assign any of the trackpad features to certain buttons on the mouse? Like the 3 and 4 finger swype gestures?
    Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
    thanks guys,

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    Logitech Mice are good, i have found. i have only ever found Microsoft mice to give me sharp RSI pains.

    if you want all the fancy touchpad gestures, the apple magic mouse is the only one i know is supported under OSX.

    (Pro tools for the win)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmurr187 View Post
    Can anyone recommend a nice mouse to get?
    Mice are a very personal choice.

    I like Logitech and Microsoft mice.

    Here is an excellent deal on a premium cordless/optical mouse that will last about 6 months on a pair of AA batteries:

    Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 2000
    about $15 which includes shipping
    Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 2000-Sterling Grey (Microsoft ACC13061) :

    I have one of these attached to one of my Macs. It works perfectly and it is dead reliable. It has a nice ergonomic feel in my hand; not as nice as some of the Logitech mice that I have, but still good.


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