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Thread: Firewire Solo Setup help

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    hess II
    Question Firewire Solo Setup help
    I am a beginner when it comes to audio, and I am trying to setup my new firewire solo in conjuction with Garageband. I am trying to get a little help in this area, as the instructions that come with Firewire are sparse at best.


    * I installed the drivers and did the proper shut down
    * I am getting a signal from my guitar through the interface to my mac.


    - I am not hearing anything in my headphones (plugged into the interface or the computer)
    - I am not getting any signal in Garageband, only on the interface screen.

    Any advice on setup would be great.

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    Have you already chosen the Firewire solo from within system preferences?

    If not, go to system preferences, click sound, select input, and select the Firewire solo for your input. (Oh and do this for your output as well, that way the sound will be going out to the firewire not to your computer)

    If you already have, how about have you changed the input preferences in garageband? go to the garageband preferences and check to see that your input is coming from the firewire.

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