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Thread: Garage Band Newbie

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    Garage Band Newbie
    Well I picked up this macbook pro about 6 months ago, and discovered this cool thing called garage band,,, little did I know what it was. Recently I went out and bought me a gibson les paul, figured id start recording again... Well lucky me I got garage band. I have played with it and watched plenty of videos on you tube and the rest of the internet.

    My problem is simple im a bit of a newbie. I am used to things like a vs840 roland record studio, and so on fostec 8 tracks and such. Well I have figured how to record my guitar and nice clean sound, on this garage band. Now i want to actually build some songs, and im trying to lay down a bass track some drums and a saxiphone, to go with my blues guitar lead and vocals. I have found many bass lines and drum tracks loops and what not, however i do not want to use existing stuff, they are well not my style.

    What i require is a bit of direction. I have found a piano type keyboard which i can mouse click and get some piano sax or drum sounds, depending however i would like to drag and drop the note in a template so i can place the sound i want as if i was writing on a musical sheet. How do I go about making my own bass line and or drum track instead of using the existing loops?

    Any and all help is appreciated and I thank everyone in advance. If you could even guide me to some tutorials / how to's / manuals or such I would appreciate it greatly. Once again thanks in advance.

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    Here are a bunch of GarageBand Video Tutorials that will take you through the recording, mixing and mastering process. GarageBand is a very powerful recording and production tool so there is a lot of video to view on the subject. It will also address your specific questions of recording your own tracks and even making your own loops. Definitely check out the videos in the Recording With GarageBand section and the section on GarageBand Loops. Or, view them all!
    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks those tutorials made a difference I have found most of the information they had but there is a few things i didnt get, like the virtual keyboard and typing,,, Thanks once again.
    Well off to make a bass line

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