I've been having a stange problem with importing certain CDs. After a bit of debugging I believe my problem only happens with compilation CDs. That said some compilation CDs have imported with no problems.

For example I received some Christmas music on CD, Glee Christmas, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby - Happy Holidays, etc...

When I try to import those CDs into itunes it seems to working fine, I can hear the CD drive "working" and there is a check mark next to each track in the import window. All good right?

I then go to my itunes library to see if the album made it there and it is listed in my library but there is an "!" next to each song. When I click on the song to play, itunes gives an error saying "unable to find original file, do you want to locate it..."

When I search for the Album name using Windows search function it finds a folder matching the name of the album in the compilation directory of my itunes library (external hard drive). But when I actually go to open the folder I get an error saying the folder "refers to a location which is unavailable" However I am able to access the parent folder.

Some information to help:

Itunes version
Windows 7 Pro
Media Drive is located on a IOMEGA NAS

I have no problems importing other CDs by single artists, and I have imported other compilations successfully before. I am not sure what is different now.

Note: I have checked off "part of compilation CD" for all tracks prior to importing.

Like I said some compilations import fine others do not. I don't seem to have any problems with Single Artists.

Thanks in advance for your help.